Directories Updated 4-28-19

Thank you to those that sent in updates.  Others, please look over the directory and make sure your information including home phone, children, and pets are up to date.  The most updated information has been uploaded to the website and is available anytime in the password protected section.  If your entry is not correct, please fill out the directory change form using the link on the home page or you can email any corrections.

Also please check the pets section and let us know if  any pets should be removed and if you have any new ones to add send a picture to

Thank you,

Rhonda, directory co-chair

 Rapp Road Closure Notice – April 12, 2019

Starting Mon April 14, The City of Keller is going to completely rebuild Rapp Road from Rufe Snow to Wishing Tree Lane.  The neighborhood will have to use the Shady Grove entrance while the work is being done as Rapp Road will be closed.   No time line for completion was given by the City of Keller.

Roof Color Notice from your EOR Board

When each of us entered into contract to purchase your home and went to closing, you signed for a copy of the Covenant for the Estates of Oak Run.  This Covenant will answer any questions you may have regarding the rules within this neighborhood.  For ease of locating, there is also a copy of the Covenants for the Estates of Oak Run on this website.

As far as what color shingles to install on your roof, below is the specific excerpt from our Covenant:

6 . 04. Roof. The Declarant and the Lot owners have agreed,and hereby agree, that the roof coverings on all Dwellings and other improvements on the Property must be consistent in appearance, quality and life-safety features, thereby benefiting all of “the Lots and the owners thereof..  Therefore, the roof covering for all houses and on any part of the Property shall be Timberline Ultra by GAF Corp, 25 year shingles, Class A fire rated/ approximately 240 pounds per 100 square feet,

and “Charcoal Blend” color, as determined by the Committee. The slope of the roof on any Dwelling shall not increase in height by less than six (6) feet per each twelve (12)linear feet.
It calls for shingles to be TIMBERLINE ULTRA BY GAF CORP. and the color “Charcoal Blend”.
The Timberline ultra by GAF has changed through the years.  Timberline now has Timberline Ultra HD and Timberline HD.   The new Timberline HD is the same shingle as what used to be called Timberline Ultra it is a 30 year shingle.   The new Timberline Ultra HD is what used to be their top of the line 50 year shingle.   The “Timberline HD”  meets all requirements to what is listed in our covenant.
The roofing contractors do not have a copy of our Covenant so it is the homeowners responsibility to demand they follow it.
Thank you,
EOR Board

Facebook group for HOA

We have our own Facebook group for the HOA!  Come join your neighbors at HOA Facebook group or you can find the link posted under “links” on our webpage.  It is a closed group so only approved neighbors will be allowed to join.